What should I do if the toilet is often clogged?

In daily life, it is a very common and embarrassing thing for a toilet to be blocked. It takes some time to clear the light, and it is quite embarrassing when a friend borrows the toilet. In fact, if the toilet is a toilet at home , why don't you take some time to see how to quickly unclog the toilet


Everyday toilet is slightly clogged.

This is the most common situation. The toilet is not in a state of no water, but the speed of water is slow. In this case, a half-foot-wide bamboo strip is inserted into the toilet, and this situation can be solved with a few fiddling.

In the absence of bamboo strips, buy a large bottle of Coke, reduce the bottom of the bottle after drinking, put the mouth of the bottle down, and pass a few times to solve the problem.


Cleaning the toilet with oxalic acid is also a good idea. Use oxalic acid to clean the toilet every day to neutralize the urine alkali to achieve the effect of flushing.

The most commonly used in the family is the leather shovel, which uses the suction of the vacuum to send the blockage out of the pipe. Naturally washed away.

The toilet at home is often blocked, teach you a trick to solve the problem

Now many families have installed flush toilets. I believe many people have encountered such a dilemma. After using them, the toilets are blocked. At this time, it is more embarrassing, so if the toilet is blocked, what is the best way to solve it? The editor reviewed the relevant materials and made the following introduction.


Common tools: iron wire, water pipe

Classified by blockage:

1. Blocked by water-soluble items such as paper towels or soil

Solution: If the blockage is not very severe, flush more water and the problem will be solved. If it is blocked by items such as paper towels that are easily soluble in water, flush some hot water and it will clear.


Second, there are more blockages

Solution: Find a hose or similar item, smash the blockage, and then flush it again to see if the blockage is resolved


The blockage is blocked by hard objects

Solution: Buy a thin wire from the market, try to hook out the hard clogged object, and then flush.

Unclogging the wire

Other methods: buy special tools to unclog the toilet, or find a professional to unclog the toilet


Blockage of hard objects in toilet

A hard blockage is characterized by the ability of water to flow, but something like a paper towel will float. In this case, while adding water to the toilet, use the toilet straw to clean up the dirt.


Dry the remaining hard-to-clean clean water with a towel, prepare a small mirror and flashlight, and adjust the angle to see the small hard objects blocked inside the pipe. This kind of situation is more convenient to clean. If the hard object is stuck in the middle of the pipeline, please ask a professional maintenance master to clean it.

The toilet is to solve waste excretion. Some families are not only solving personal problems, but some even pour some leftovers into the toilet, but everyone knows that it is easy to block the toilet, the solidification of oil stains, and vegetable leaves. Accumulation, etc., hair is also a common blockage, so what should I do if the toilet is blocked? Is there any quick way to clear it?

Many times the toilet will be flushed by itself, especially if it is soluble or dispersible items such as soil and paper.

We can first wrap the toilet mouth with tape, and then press the flush button. At this time, the blocked toilet will skyrocket due to the air pressure, and then we can press down from the middle to achieve the effect of dredging.

Blockage by hard objects; if the water is so thin that it flows down, it may be that there is a hard object blocked in the toilet. At this time, you can use a toilet straw. If you still can't get it clean, you can find some thicker wire to pull the contents out, which can be a good solution.

Flush only once. If you've already flushed once, don't pump again. Because this will cause more water to go into the toilet bowl. If the toilet is clogged, the first flush won't cause the basin to overflow, but the second flush may.


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